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At EIR Building & Maintenance we believe that your building process should be an easy-to-follow, transparent and enjoyable journey so that you know exactly what to expect and when.

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At EIR Building and Maintenance we are passionate about residential and commercial projects. With over 30 years experience, out team specialises in many fields of the construction industry such as providing alterations, renovations, and all aspects of maintenance including out of hours, industrial and government facilities. Based in Sydney, we are 100% locally owned and operated and our reputation speaks for itself.

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EIR Building & Maintenance offers a wide range of services from construction management for your building project to small repairs for your home, office or commercial property.


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Roof Refurbishment




November 2020

Project Details

Strip all roof tiles, ridge and barge ridge from existing roof. Removal of all existing gutters and downpipes. Installation of new roof battens to existing roof frame to receive colorbond roof sheeting. Replace with new colorbond roof sheeting. Installation of both new flashings and new high-front slotted quad guttering.


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