Our Projects

We aim to accommodate to our clients’ needs and work with them to provide the highest quality service possible. Our team has wide access to resources which helps to create better projects at a more affordable pricing for our clients.

Residential Projects

Roof Refurbishment

Location: Caringbah
Date: November 2020

Project Details​

Strip all roof tiles, ridge and barge ridge from existing roof. Removal of all existing gutters and downpipes. Installation of new roof battens to existing roof frame to receive colorbond roof sheeting. Replace with new colorbond roof sheeting. Installation of both new flashings and new high-front slotted quad guttering.

Home Renovation

Location: Airds
Period: October 2020 - November 2020

Project Details​

This home was fully renovated by the EIR Team. The property was fully stripped out and everything was replaced brand new by the team in a quick turnaround period.

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Commercial Projects

Replacement & Installation Of Roof

Location: Civic Centre, Canada Bay Council
Period: September 2020 - September 2021

Project Details​

Removal of pipe and conduit covers that were then replaced on new roof. Removal of all existing Kliplok roof sheeting from lower level roof. Installation of new Kliplok sheeting, inclusive of all fixings etc. Re-installaltion and re-sealing of all existing flashings. Installation of new flashings around penetrations. Removal and replacement of both box gutter, apron flashing. Installation of 4 x certified anchor points to allow for revicng of roof area.

Ceiling Refurbishment

Location: Dunlea Centre Boystown
Period: May 2020 - June 2020

Project Details​

Dunlea Centre Boystown asked us to carry out a ceiling refurbishment and we had our work cut out when we started the job at hand! The scope of this project was to disconnect power and lights and make safe. Remove ceiling in hallway and room, exposing ceiling frame. Run new electrical conduits for lights in ceiling cavity to be concealed. Supply and install fire rated plaster to hallway and room. Install corner mould of wall junctions. Re-install light fittings. Set, seal and paint replaced ceilings. We had a surprise whenever we had started to remove the existing ceiling which was made from pressed hay! But as always, our team smashed out the refurbishment and our client was more than happy with how it turned out.

Foreshore Fencing

Location: Drummoyne, Canada Bay Council
Period: April 2020 - May 2020

Project Details​

Canada Bay Council had contacted us to carry out the foreshore fencing of the Drummoyne Area. The job at hand was to remove existing timber fencing including sub-ground posts. Dispose off-site to an approved waste facility. Supply and install H4 treated pine fencing. Post will be set into ground. All fill from posts will be removed from site.

Refurbishing The Lighthouse

Location: Australian National Maritime Museum
Period: October 2019 - December 2019

Project Details​

We had the privilege of refurbishing the Australian National Maritime Museum Lighthouse and what a project it was to complete. The works included were jobs such as replacing the timber joists to supplying and installing stainless steel plates to allow correct fixing of the handrail. This project was nothing short of hard work and long days for our employees, but they manage to complete it efficiently while the works still being of great quality. The job itself provided great views and was a pleasure for us to complete. Fun Fact; The lighthouse was built using local hardwoord for the frame and clad with iron plates imported from Britain. It was prefabricated in Brisbane under the direction of the colonial architect & constructed by brothers John & Jacob Rooney of Maryborough.

Tennis Centre Building Refurbishment

Location: Greenlees Tennis Courts, Concord
Period: July 2019 - September 2019

Project Details​

Canada Bay Council came to us with Greenlees Tennis Centre and asked us to complete a total refurbishment of the centre, which we were happy to carry out. There was a total replacement of all roofing, guttering and any damaged sections of fascia. The front veranda was also replaced with a new bull nose one. Replacement of all wall cladding, trims around the windows, guttering and down pipes were also replaced. We created a new concrete pathway from each end of the cottage as well as completely insulating the building while installing new cladding. Installation of new decking boards, steps and handrail was created. There was also new door and frame adding to the building as well as replacement of cladding, air vents and new security mesh added to the windows.

Pool Decking Refurbishment

Location: Drummoyne
Period: April 2019 - June 2019

Project Details​

Canada Bay Council asked us to complete the refurbishment of the popular Drummoyne Swimming Centre. This project involved the removal of the entire deck. Reconstruction of deck with new treated pine frame work, and installation hardwood decking boards. Construction of new ramp as indicated, and to replace handrail the existing handrail. We also then installed glass panels alongside of the ramp. Fun Fact; Drummoyne swimming Centre helped Olympic Champions such as Dawn Fraser, Jon Henricks, Jan Murphy and James Magnussen. EIR Buil

Installation Of Roller Decks

Location: Sydney Freight Terminal, Sydney Airport
Period: January 2019 - November 2019

Project Details​

In January 2019, Lodige Industries asked EIR to carry out the installation of the roller decks at Sydney Freight Terminal. After months of long hard work, the first live trial of the roller decks couldn't have gone better. (Check out our Facebook page to see live video). The project started off by receiving prefabricated materials from overseas. We then carried out modifications, installations & construction of the roller decks within Sydney Freight Terminal. The roller deck is used to transport ULDs and pallets in a single direction on a horizontal plane and is combined with other elements to create an overall system. Fun Fact: Sydney Airport is the most significant freight hub, accounting for approximately 45% of all freight imports and exports in Australia.

Wan Yu Lan Artwork Installation

Location: Australian National Maritime Museum
Period: October 2018 - December 2018

Project Details​

This project was one of a kind that allowed the Maritime Museum to frame the two museum entrances from the land and by the waterside. They are monumental installations consisting of fiberglass buoys and weights made of stainless steel purposely fabricated with man-made rust. The Maritime Museum had asked us to complete the installation of the sculpture alongside Harley Cranes & Smallzy Earthworks. It was a long two months with hard working days, however despite this EIR still managed to deliver the project on time and in a safely manner. Fun Fact: The Wang Luyan's Artwork of the Downward Force on Upward Moving Objects is now one of the museum's most photographed attractions.