About Us

EIR Building & Maintenance specialise in providing repair and building services. With over thirty years experience, we are proudly 100% locally owned and operated.

EIR Building and Maintenance specialises in many fields of the construction industry such as providing alterations, renovations, and all aspects of maintenance including out of hours, food preparation facilities, industrial and government facilities. Our company does exactly what it says in the name and more. EIR exceeds expectations and goals that are given to us by our clients.  We are a family run company with over 30 years’ experience within the construction industry. Our company has an innovative team who strive for the best outcome for each project and who are trained to highest ability and have achieved many different licences. Our expertise are delivered to a wide range of clients all over Sydney that range from government to industrial facilities. We aim to accommodate to our clients needs and work with them to provide the best service possible. At EIR we have a wide access to resources which helps to create better projects at a more affordable pricing for our clients. Our company have many contacts who work alongside us, which enables our company to be able to provide a wider range of services.