Lodige Roller Decks

Sydney Airport
Jan 2019 to Nov 2019
Project Overview: 
Installation of Roller Decks at Sydney Freight Terminal

Project Details

In January 2019, Lodige Industries asked EIR to carry out the installation of the roller decks at Sydney Freight Terminal. After months of long hard work, the first live trial of the roller decks couldn't have gone better. (Check out our Facebook page to see live video). The project started off by receiving prefabricated materials from overseas. We then carried out modifications, installations & construction of the roller decks within Sydney Freight Terminal. The roller deck is used to transport ULDs and pallets in a single direction on a horizontal plane and is combined with other elements to create an overall system. Fun Fact: Sydney Airport is the most significant freight hub, accounting for approximately 45% of all freight imports & exports in Australia.