Refurbishment Of Maritime Museum Lighthouse

Australian National Maritime Museum
Oct 2019 to Dec 2019
Project Overview: 
Refurbishing the Lighthouse at the Maritime Museum

Project Details

We had the privilege of refurbishing the Australian National Maritime Museum Lighthouse at the start of October & what a project it was to complete. The works included were jobs such as replacing the timber joists to supplying and installing stainless steel plates to allow correct fixing of the handrail. This project was nothing short of hard work and long days for our employees, but they manage to complete it efficiently while the works still being of great quality. The job itself provided great views and was a pleasure for us to complete. Fun Fact; The lighthouse was built using local hardwoord for the frame and clad with iron plates imported from Britain. It was prefabricated in Brisbane under the direction of the colonial architect & constructed by brothers John & Jacob Rooney of Maryborough.