Wan Yu Lan Artwork Installation

Australian National Maritime Museum
Oct 2018 to Dec 2018
Project Overview: 
Installation of 2 Pieces of Art Work by Chinese Artist Wang Luyan.

Project Details

This project was one of a kind that allowed the Maritime Museum to frame the two museum entrances from the land and by the waterside. They are monumental installations consisting of fiberglass buoys and weights made of stainless steel purposely fabricated with man-made rust. The Maritime Museum had asked us to complete the installation of the sculpture alongside Harley Cranes & Smallzy Earthworks. It was a long two months with hard working days, however despite this EIR still managed to deliver the project on time and in a safely manner. Fun Fact: The Wang Luyan's Artwork of the Downward Force on Upward Moving Objects is now one of the museum's most photographed attractions.